Idyllic views
at 11 000 ft

speeds of up
to 200km/h


a sensory




We are honoured to introduce first timers to the sport of skydiving at our beautiful working farm. Located just off the N12 east of Johannesburg, South Africa, Skydive the Farm is a premiere destination for great weather skydiving all year long. The countryside offers idyllic views at
11 000ft before freefalling from the Atlas Angel aircraft at an invigorating 200km/h!

You can’t help but fall for their zany fun-filled vibe and charming, farm-style hospitality.

Creature comforts include free Wi-Fi, a canteen serving light meals and refreshments, 

cabin and camping accommodation, full ablution facilities, and a braai/entertainment area, spectator areas for friends and family and a professional, safe environment for anyone to experience skydiving.

Since you don’t jump out of a perfectly good airplane every day, we want to ensure your skydive exceeds all expectations. When you visit Skydive the Farm you’re guaranteed sky-high adventure and down-to-earth fun.

We look forward to flying with YOU!!


To provide a safe environment where skydivers receive excellent coaching and support to maximise their potential.


To be a world-class skydiving centre known for its contribution to the growth of sport skydiving.


Perfect for the first time jumper, experience the thrill of a lifetime!

About tandem

A tandem skydive is a parachute jump in which an instructor and passenger share one parachute system. It allows you to experience all aspects of freefall and being under canopy with the safety and benefits of being harnessed to a highly trained instructor and the convenience of no previous experience required. Tandem jumps are ideal for those who simply want to check skydiving off their bucket list.

Once you arrive at Skydive the Farm, you should check-in with manifest after which your instructor will brief you on safety and logistics and strap you into your harness for the jump. You will board and climb up to 11000ft in our Atlas Angel aircraft. Attached to the front of your instructor by harness, you will exit the aircraft and continue to freefall for approximately 40seconds before your instructor will open the parachute. You will enjoy a four-minute ride under the parachute before landing back on the Drop zone.

  • Weight Restrictions: You must weigh 100kgs or less and be in reasonably good physical condition. All customers’ height-to-weight proportion will be evaluated by an instructor who will determine if the customer may or may not jump. This is for your own safety.
  • Age Restrictions: At Skydive the Farm you can Tandem skydive if you fit into a harness. Parental consent is mandatory for any person under the age of 16.
  • Due to safety reasons, no cameras, including GoPro, are allowed during tandem skydive.
  • Other restrictions: Not suitable for pregnant women.
  • Dress code: Wear sneakers, sporty shoes, running shoes (anything with laces) and casual, comfortable clothes.
Perfect for the adrenaline junky who wants to become a serious skydiver!
About school courses

Did you fall in love with your first skydiving experience? Did you land from your first tandem skydive with a hunger for more of what this awesome adventure sport has to offer? How about making it a Lifestyle? Now get that skydiving license and let’s go fly!

There are two ways to get started:

AFF course

Accelerated Freefall (also known as AFF) is recognised worldwide as the best way to learn to skydive. Skydive the Farm’s skydiving school offers a high standard of instruction, teaching you to become a skydiver with no previous experience required.

The course starts with a full day of ground-training (theory) that will teach you everything you need to know to complete your first skydive from 11000ft.


  • To check and fit your own equipment
  • To exit the aircraft
  • Safety procedures
  • To open your parachute
  • To deal with emergency situations
  • To control your parachute
  • To recognise the Drop Zone
  • To land your parachute (initial landings are with radio assistance from instructors on the ground)

Once successfully completed, students are ready for their first skydive.

The AFF course consists of ten levels (one jump per level) as follows:

  • 1-3 you will be accompanied by two instructors.
  • 4-7 you will then have just one instructor by your side.
  • 8 -10 you will fly solo.

Each level of the course includes a fixed set of manoeuvres that you must perform before you can move on to the next one.

After that, you are an AFF graduate. You can then proceed to achieve various license levels and specialize in various disciplines of the sport.

You must be at least 16 years old (subject to parental consent) to attend an AFF skydive course at Skydive the Farm.

Static-line course

Static-Line Parachuting is an alternative method of starting your Skydive journey. This course is designed to give you your first taste of what it’s like to exit an aircraft flying at a minimum of 3500ft above the ground. Your Static-Line parachute is opened automatically as you exit the aircraft, but it is up to you to then fly and land your own parachute. No previous experience is required, and it takes just one day of training to prepare you for your first jump.

All the jumps in this program are solo, however you will be supervised by an instructor on exit and guided by one on landing.

During the Static-line course, you will learn:

  • To check and fit your own equipment
  • To exit the aircraft
  • Safety procedures
  • To deal with emergency situations
  • To control your parachute
  • To recognize the Drop Zone
  • To land your parachute (initial landings are with radio assistance from instructors on the ground)

Our courses normally run over weekends, commencing either Friday evening (18h00) or Saturday morning (08h00) at Skydive the Farm. Weather depending, you will do your first jump on the either the Saturday or Sunday.


Join the Skydive the Farm family!

About licensed skydivers

Come join the tribe at Skydive the Farm. We are a family-oriented Drop Zone that welcomes new members of all skill and skydive levels, student or licensed.


On arrival, you will need to complete an indemnity form. One of our authorised personnel check your documentation and equipment, then you will get a DZ Briefing and landing area introduction.

Documentation & Equipment


  • Current License (paid up PASA member)
  • Correctly completed and up-to-date logbook
  • Equipment repack documentation
  • Valid and maintained AAD documents (if applicable)


Please make sure your equipment is suitable for your experience level, currency and intended type of jump. We highly recommend that you email the Chief Instructor in advance at [email protected] if you have any equipment-related questions.


Why Skydive The Farm?
  • More than 20ha of open, well-kept landing area. All dedicated landing zones are cultivated Eragrostis farmland with no obstacles. The surrounding area provides abundantly for safe out-landing options.
  • A 240sqm hangar provides for enough, clean packing space (padded)
  • Coaching available in most disciplines
  • Qualified on-site riggers
  • Training tools include: creepers, an aircraft mock-up, training harness and rotating dolly
  • Training/ Debriefing room
  • Large flat-screen TV for debriefs
  • Excellent weather all year round
  • On-site canteen equipped to supply hot and cold meals, snacks and drinks
  • The braai area is free for all, and the canteen offers charcoal and braai packs
  • Free WIFI
  • Overnight facilities consist of 6 double-sleeper, fully furnished cabins. Ablutions include two hot showers with changing cubicles.


Please contact us for any additional questions

What happens if the weather conditions are bad on the day?

Although we have good weather on the farm throughout most of the year, we occasionally have strong winds. We only skydive when it is safe to do so. If the weather is not optimal for skydiving, you will not be charged and will have the option to reschedule or cancel.

How long do I have to wait for video/photos?

You will receive your edited video and photos approximately 60minutes after your jump. Editing times may vary due to workload or technical resources on the day.

Can my family and friends come and watch?

Absolutely!!! We have a lovely canteen area where they can have a drink or grab a bite to eat. All in perfect view of the landing area where they can watch you and take some pictures.

How fast do you fall?

During freefall you can reach speeds of up to 200km/h. Once under the parachute, the speed decreases to around 20km/h where you’ll enjoy a flight over beautiful farmlands for approximately 5 minutes.

When do I need to arrive?

Please arrive at least 30 minutes before your scheduled jump time to complete your paperwork and safety briefing. You are welcome to come earlier to enjoy the fresh farm air, but it is important not to be late. If you are late, we unfortunately cannot guarantee that you will be able to jump that day.

Am I allowed to eat and drink before the skydive?

You should eat normally a few hours before your jump. Skipping a meal is not advisable as the adrenaline will affect an empty stomach. Eating a large meal immediately before jumping is also not recommended. It’s important to stay hydrated, however alcohol is not allowed before skydiving.

I am coming out with a friend(s); can we jump at the same time?

Yes. Groups of 3 are no problem. For larger groups, you will always get the option to jump with someone from your group—but, you will be asked to form smaller sub-groups of 2 or 3.

Can I cancel or reschedule the skydive?

Rescheduling and/or cancellation is allowed free of charge with 72 hours’ notice.


We accept cash (Rand, US Dollar & Euro) and Credit/Debit Cards (Visa or Mastercard). No personal cheques or travellers’ cheques accepted.

An experience is the best gift you can give… contact us for your personalised gift voucher!

View rates
Tandem Only
(11 000ft)
R 2200
Tandem with hand camera R 2600
Tandem with outside camera R 2899
Deluxe (Hand camera & outside camera) R 3150
View rates
AFF First Jump Course R 900
AFF Level 1 R 2110
AFF Level 2 R 2110
AFF Level 3 R 2110
AFF Level 4 R 1330
AFF Level 5 R 1330
AFF Level 6 R 1330
AFF Level 7 R 1330
AFF Level 8 R 680
AFF Level 9 R 680
AFF Level 10 R 680
Static Line Course R 900
Static Line jump R 490


View rates
Slot Rate R330
HopNPop R300
Rig Hire including pack-job R150 per jump
Altimeter OR suit hire R50 per day
Pack-job R50


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Skydive The Farm is situated on the border of Gauteng and Mpumalanga less than 40 minutes’ drive east from Johannesburg and 45 minutes from Pretoria. Offering Tandem skydiving and Skydive courses every weekend and during the week by appointment – weather permitting.


[email protected]
+27(0) 72 432 8689


You must be at least 18 years of age (or have written parental consent if you are over 16 years of age) for Static-line and AFF courses. Tandem passengers can be younger but there are certain requirements, please call for more information.


For your own safety, you need to be medically fit to skydive. If you have any doubts or reservations, please consult with your physician.


You must weigh 100 kgs or less. All customers will be evaluated by an instructor for height weight proportion and may be refused depending on the outcome of the instructor’s evaluation. There are many reasons for this but the most important is that the equipment that we use is rated to carry specific weight. This is for your own safety.

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